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There is only one MP40 Skin that stands out from all others: Slaughter Party, which is so attractive. As you can see, the gun is blood-themed, and blood dripping from it is a symbol of how easily it can take out ahead. Having accuracy as ‘++’ damage as ‘+’ and reload size as ‘-‘

When you run out of ammo during an intense fight, the Reload size is ‘-‘, which makes it hard to reload.


Weapon Submachine
MagazineNormal – 20
DamageBody – 48 Head – 110

The MP40 skin named Slaughter certainly isn’t messing around. The design itself creates the impression that blood is dripping from the weapon. There’s very little hope for those who don’t mind drawing first blood, but the skin almost seems like heaven. In addition to doubling the accuracy of the firearm, the skin also increases the gun’s lethal damage capability.

SLAUGHTER MP40 Skin Compresion

Normal M40

This Project Cobra event is still ongoing in Garena Free Fire. Cobra is the theme for a variety of events, including a motorcycle. New Evo Guns have now been released. This weapon is a special Cobra-themed version of the MP40 submachine gun called Predatory Eve MP40. Evo weapons can be leveled up like other Evo weapons. Additionally, this changes its looks and increases its stats.


All players will have access to the SLAUGHTER MP40 via the new Faded Wheel in Garena Free Fire. It will run until March 21, so there’s still plenty of time for players to win the gun. This Faded Wheel will be on display until March 21. Players still have several days to attempt to win it.

Upgrade The SLAUGHTER MP40

Upgrading it to level 7 is possible. As the level increases, the weapon gains new features. A weapon’s appearance changes for the first time at level 3. On level 6, the appearance changes again, while on level 7, there are some additional effects and light effects. New attributes and hit effects are also introduced.

Free Fire Slaughter Party with Gun Skin Clown MP40

This skin features the theme of the party of death but still maintains the nuances of party cheer. The clown is committing psychopathic acts of carnage at a party that was initially fun, turning it into a bloody gathering.

The skin has a basic blue color with a red and blue star pattern. White rabbit teeth are clearly visible on the weapon body, which has a picture of a white rabbit clown. Based on the theme, this rabbit clown is someone who will bleed the party to death.

As for performance increase, this skin adds two points to the weapon’s accuracy. In addition, the weapon’s damage has also been increased. It reduces the weapon’s reloading speed, which is a drawback of this skin.

MP40 Skin Clown vs. Skin Slaughter Party comparison

There is a similar theme running through both of these skins, only they display it differently. Both these skins portray psychopathic clowns with a cold smile and ready to seize control at any moment.Dark, cruel clowns with a cold smile dominate this skin for the MP40 Free Fire. Meanwhile, the Skin titled Slaughter Party features a clown rabbit with a smile inviting the public to a blood party.

I think that many people who look at the MP40 Free Fire Slaughter Party Clown skin might mistake it for a boy’s skin resembling a rabbit and stars. The “slaughter” theme will have you selecting the theme “mass slaughter”, so you are wrong.

The Clown skin, which leaves a scarring and creepy impression when you touch it, is obvious if you’re stuck on appearance. That’s more so since the weapon itself is smiling coldly. Overall, these two skins are both cool, although they differ in various ways.

We know that the MP40 has a high rate of fire, and is known as one of the most powerful SMGs. The clown skin that we have for it increases the rate of fire and the magazine. I’m sure the MP40 shot will be even more exasperating than the clown skin.

The accuracy and damage of MP40 will be increased for the Slaughter Party skin. Attacks with MP40 will be more accurate and more painful. They are equal in this regard. Therefore, both clown skins perform equally well for MP40 free fire.

A comparison is shown of the clown skin on the MP-40 free fire weapon. Each is fantastic. Each of them features a clown theme and has its own distinctive quirks. Wow! 



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