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An attractive, colorful gun that is very catchy. Green and purple colors combine. With ‘++’, it produces good damage, while ‘-‘, it produces good accuracy. As a result, there will be difficulty controlling the recoil at close ranges. However, pros tend to prefer this skin for its high damage spread. Pros are used to control this as well.

This skin has a New Year theme and is certainly colorful. The splash of colors that paints the firearm could be why it’s a popular choice. 


New Year’s Skin for the MP40 Gun

Let’s jump right into this skin. There are a lot of skins for MP40 weapons. New Year is one of several MP40 weapon skins that have a unique theme.

The appearance of this skin is far from scary since it brings the joy of the new year to Free Fire. Exactly a colorful appearance is presented in this skin. As it starts off green and then changes to lavender, blue, yellow, and so on, it makes us think that this skin is busy.

NEW YEAR MP40 Skin Compresion

I can’t imagine a more intense feeling than taking down enemies with an eye-catching gun. In addition, the skin makes it harder to control the gun’s recoil, making it less accurate, even though it doubles the damage. Experienced players will not have a problem with this.

As the name suggests, this vibrant gun skin is perfect for New Year celebrations with its lively colors. Sometimes, the MP40 emits colorful stars as a special effect. With this skin, the magazine’s capacity will increase and damage will take a boost. However, accuracy is compromised a bit.

Free Fire offers players the opportunity to claim the MP40 New Year Weapon Loot Crate following these steps:

How To Get NEW YEAR MP40?

Step 1: To redeem your Free Fire Rewards, go to the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site. By clicking here, players will be redirected to the website.

Step 2: Log in to the website using Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID, or Huawei ID.

To access Free Fire, players must link their accounts with the platforms they use. Players with guest IDs cannot use the redeem code on the website.

Step 3: Paste the VDVCTHUMTEYK text in the text field and click ‘Confirm” again.

Step 4: After the redemption is completed, players can collect the gun crate in Free Fire by opening their in-game mail.

The weapons loot crate located in the vault section can be opened to obtain a permanent MP40-New Year or a trial version.

If this skin is used for the MP40, we can examine the data from the MP40’s start point and the Free Fire skin from the New Year.

The MP40 skins for New Years are good?

Let’s evaluate what will happen if this skin is applied to the MP40 based on the data from the MP40’s initial stat point and this New Year’s free-fire skin. How lethal will the MP40 be?

MP40 is indeed equipped with this New Year skin. There are usually cool performance increases associated with the skins present for certain weapons. However, is this skin cool as well?

As a melee weapon, the MP40 is characterized by a high rate of fire, moderate damage, and high accuracy. MP40 weapon damage is increased by two points with the new year’s skin. There is also an upgraded weapon magazine.

Its fast attack, of course, means that it can fire endlessly and painfully because there are so many bullets. Despite its flaws, this skin has good accuracy, especially as a melee weapon, which is what makes it a good skin for MP40.

I have reviewed the MP40 fire skin for the New Year. This skin helps bring a sense of newness into the new year. Thanks!

Q1. How lethal will the MP40 be?

MP40 users are indeed able to use this New Year skin. Certain weapons have skins that typically give them a performance boost. 

Q2. What about this skin for the New Year?

Despite its high rate of fire and moderate damage, the MP40 is a weapon that has a high degree of accuracy when used in melee combat. Two points are added to the weapon damage of MP40 using this new skin. Additionally, the magazine of the weapon has been improved.

As a result, the MP40 has the advantage of being able to fire a lot of bullets very quickly and continuously. While a skin like this one can affect accuracy, it is still tolerable for melee weapons like the MP40 since it has high levels of accuracy.

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