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Redeem MP40 Skins From Garena Free Fire

Mobile game Garena Free Fire has no doubt been a favorite for millions of gamers. Weapons are an important aspect of any battle royale game, and Free Fire has a wealth of them. The game also offers different gun skins for different types of weapons. MP40 skins can be difficult to find and are rare.

Among the many weapons in the game, the MP40 is a popular choice. The ability to fire short-range is a great asset. Having the fastest speed of any Free Fire weapon in this game, it is a favorite of many players. Our team of gaming experts has picked out the top MP40 skins in Garena Free Fire as the best-looking ones.

CRAZY BUNNY MP40 Free Fire Skin

1. Crazy Bunny MP40

With its name crazy for a reason, this MP40 skin is rare and popular. The skin features bunnies and Easter eggs in its design, and it was released in 2019. It was obtained through spins. In addition to popularizing and boosting MP40 use, the Crazy Bunny MP40 gun was also released. However, it does reduce the firearm’s magazine capacity, even though the skin doubles the gun’s damage and range.

Before you begin, make sure you understand How to Get the Crazy Bunny Free Fire FF MP40 Skin. This way, cool weapon skins in the future can be acquired and used immediately when competitive rematches occur. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that this SMG Free Fire can be used easily. This cool skin will not cause any trouble when you later use it, so you’re still able to compete.

The most popular game to date is Free Fire. FF events offer different challenges and attractive prizes every month, which makes this game fun. A weapon’s skin is also constantly updated. If you missed New Year’s Eve, will provide information about the MP40 New Year weapon skin.

NEW YEAR MP40 FreeFire Skin

2. New Year MP40

New Year MP40 gun skin is another topical theme skin that is undeniably colorful. It’s possible that the vibrant colors that paint the firearm is what makes it so popular. It will be an exciting move to take on enemies with a bright and eye-catching gun. Though the skin doubles the damage on your opponent, the recoil of the gun makes it difficult to maintain accuracy. This shouldn’t deter experienced players, however.

Submachine Gun (SMG) type of weapon, MP40 is one of the weapons in Free Fire that have the fastest firing speed. In fact, its rate of fire is quite high. With this weapon, you can expect quite a high accuracy as it is a melee weapon.


Rate of fire+

Free Fire’s most sought-after skin is easy to understand why. The skin is both cool and powerful. Those who play it love how strong it is against enemies, tearing them to shreds in no time. It increases the speed and damage of the gun, as well as its damage at short ranges.

Free Fire ranks the poker MP40 skin among its best. As opposed to other skins, one cannot just simply reach the item store to buy poker MP40. For each spin of the poker MP40 wheel, players must spend 40 diamonds. Apart from this, players also need to collect blueprints of Royal Flash and Evolution stones to unlock this poker skin. A player would have to spend 180 diamonds for five spins.

Four colors are available for the gun skin: Flashing Spade (green), Eternal Diamond (blue), and Blazing Heart (red). Although gun skins certainly look good, they are also popular among gamers because they increase a weapon’s stats as well.

SLAUGHTER MP40 Free Fire Skin

Reload Speed

You bet this MP40 skin doesn’t mess around with a name like Slaughter. This design gives the illusion of blood running down the firearm. Although it is a gory sight, for those with the willingness to draw blood, the skin is almost divine. Skins improve both the accuracy and lethality of the firearm.

Free Fire players have responded positively to many of the events launched by Garena. Since the rewards and missions they must complete are not difficult for them, they are able to accomplish them easily. Grab the FF Slaughter Party Bundle with up to 20% off!

It is important that you can Top Up up to 100 diamonds in total. This is why IDR 20,000 is all you need to prepare. There is a diamond price of 16,000 rupiahs plus an additional 12% tax, making the Blueprint price 17,920 rupiahs. FF Slaughter Party Bundle is available with blueprints

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