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Among the most popular skins for the MP40 is Crazy Bunny MP40. Early in 2020, the Easter Event introduced it to the game. In addition to its increased range, the gun skin offers a slight boost in damage as well. Mid-range players should choose it when hunting their opponents.

The skins available for Free Fire’s weapons are diverse. Each gun skin comes in two designs: a themed skin and a legendary skin. It is one of the most legendary skins in the game thanks to a number of incredible features.

A large part of its popularity can be owed to players such as White 444 and Raistar. We’ll take a closer look at each weapon’s appearance and in-game attributes below.

Free Fire MP40

Weapon TypeSubmachine Gun
Ammo TypeSMG Ammo
MagazineNormal – 20 Level 3 – 32
DamageBody – 48 Head – 110

In general, MP40s have an impressive rate of fire and offer decent damage. It can easily replace guns like MP5, UMP, and P90 due to its increased range and adequate damage. A player can also easily make long-range headshots with Crazy Bunny.

CRAZY BUNNY MP40 Skin Compresion


Only a reduced magazine is one of the downsides of this gun skin. This is a critically important feature for any short-range fight. Additionally, this gun skin has not yet been added to the Stores section. It is difficult for players to find Crazy Bunny since it is not widely distributed. Yet, they can still be obtained through special airdrops every day.

MP40 New Year vs Crazy Bunny MP40

It is not by chance that these two skins have been chosen to be compared here. Their themes are equally impressive. They both highlight two big holidays, namely New Year’s and Passover, which make a pleasant impression. Based on our observations, it seems like Crazy Bunny has a more unique skin. MP40 pictures featuring rabbits and eggs are, of course, appealing to the eye. Back to the issue of which reader has a better sense of style, since we all have different tastes.

They are both equally good at what they do. Despite the fact that Crazy Bunny is bigger than New Year, both of them increase damage. The addition of the range gives Crazy Bunny an advantage over New Year. The MP40 is less precise after the New Year due to its reduced accuracy.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of comparison is the magazine. The MP40 magazine comes with 20 issues, as mentioned above. As a small SMG, its magazine is only this big, so it can be considered small. New Year’s skin adds the magazine, while Crazy Bunny reduces it.


Gameplay and the beautiful character skins make Garena Free Fire one of the most popular games. These skins are unique and also feature powers. Those skins can only be purchased with in-game currency. It is easy to purchase diamonds in the game, but they are rather expensive.

A Crazy Bunny MP40 skin for Free Fire (FF)

Check back soon to learn How to Get Crazy Bunny Free Fire FF MP40 Skin. It is also important that you are prepared for such an important event.

Since those who will be attending the event will also have the opportunity to benefit from the event, it can be a large benefit for us. There are a lot of prizes for all these latest events, so don’t forget about all this info later.

Free Fire’s March patch is a pretty good event, so be sure not to ignore it. In addition to offering cool prizes, the event is completely unisex.

Additionally, we attended the event How to Get the Free Fire Fearless Warrior Bundle. You will look awesome when you compete with this Bundle.

According to the recent information, both players and I will be attending the event that is related to the upcoming February 2021. The Peak Day Mission also offers you the chance to win a lot of cool prizes.

In addition, there will be many interesting prizes to try with the missions that you will encounter on this Peak Day as well. As an example, you must have heard that yesterday’s Snow Crystal Fire Tokens were free.

Free Fire Diamonds Top-Up Guide

In-game purchases can be made by following the steps below:
  1. On the top lefthand side of the screen, click on the “Diamond” icon.
  2. You must then select how many certificates you want to purchase.
  3. Finally, you can use the payment options available on the Google Play Store.

I Got Crazy Bunny Mp40 Permanent



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